MAFRAN Days 2021

We are very happy to announce that the Christmas session 2021 will be held at Paris-Dauphine from Wednesday 15 to Friday 17, December, 2021.

Thanks to all of you for coming !


Francesca Anceschi“Mission Kolmogorov: fundamental solution protocol”
Léo Bigorgne“Decay for Vlasov on black holes : the massless menace”
Thierry Bodineau“Boltzmann v Kac : Dawn of Justice”
Esther Bou-Dagher“All I Want For Coercive Inequalities Is U-Bounds”
Marc Briant“Transporting”
Giovanni Brigati“Shall I compare thee to your time derivative?”
José CanizoFine asymptotic bounds of the spatial distribution of cargo vessel staff under xenomorph threats
Kleber Carrapatoso“Convergin’ to the Rain”
Ludovic Cesbron “Ions flew over the Cuckoo’s domain”
Helge Dietert“The return of Bogovskiǐ”
Lucas Ertzbischoff“The unbearable lightness of particles in a fluid”
François Golse“When Quantum Wasserstein met Observability”
Daniel Han-Kwan“Benney: ill?”
Fatima-Ezzahra Jabiri“Stationary axisymmetric Einstein-Vlasov bifurcations of the Kerr spacetime”
Laurent Laflèche“Classix and Quantix : Mission singular potential”
Matthieu Léautaud“Fifty shades of control (in the vanishing viscosity limit)”
Stéphane Mischler“When Harris met Krein (and Rutman)”
Thomas Rey“The social network of plant and pollinators”
(You don’t get to 500 species without killing a few)
Frédéric Rousset“Pendulum”
Jacques Smulevici“Happiness is in the field”
Renato Velozo“Interstellar: A trip around my favourite black hole
Dominic Wynter“The Life of Phi: Global strong solutions for Boltzmann in one spatial dimension”


We will not print anything, dearest environment, and everything is available here.


Room A701MORNING : Room A701
AFT : Room A709
Room A709
9:00-9:45Jacques SmuleviciStéphane MischlerRenato Velozo
9:50-10:35 Helge DietertKleber CarrapatosoGiovanni Brigati
10:55-11:40Fatima-Ezzahra JabiriThierry BodineauFrederic Rousset
11:45-12:30Lucas ErtzbischoffMarc BriantLudovic Cesbron
“Espace 7”
“Espace 7”
“Espace 7”
Daniel Han-KwanFrançois GolseLéo Bigorgne
14:50-15:35Dominic WynterJosé CañizoIván Moyano
15:55-16:40Laurent LaflècheFrancesca Anceschi

Conference dinner

Thursday 16th at 7:30pm at Mio Posto (24 rue Keller, 75011 Paris), ask the organisers if you’re not registered yet and would like to join.


Here is a map to come to Dauphine.

Room A 701 is in the “new building” A. University Paris-Dauphine has a single entrance:

  • either you take any of the elevators up to the 5th floor, go though buildings B or P, enter building A and then go to the 7th floor
  • or you stay at the level of the ground floor, cross the courtyard, enter building A and go to directly the 7th floor.


Emeric Bouin (Univ. Paris-Dauphine), Jessica Guerand (Univ. Montpellier), Clément Mouhot (Univ. Cambridge).